Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Top 3 Reasons Students Should Start Blogging

3 reasons why students start blogging

Why Students Should Start Blogging?

The blogs are known as the online mediums that are used in a number of ways like for the organizational purposes, for the professional purposes, for the educational purposes, for personal purposes and many more. The hybrid and the flexible nature of these blogs help in expressing a number of genres, keeping in mind the communicative needs of the users. Besides, the nature of the blogs suggests that there are a number of purposes for starting the habit of blogging regardless of the context within which blogging is pursued.

According to the studies, blogging can offer a complete sense of authorship & ownership over the work which helps students and individuals to grow their professional online network virtually which benefits in so many ways, including valued resource collection, network building, job hunting, getting freelancing projects, earning money and many others.

Blogging is also effective for the students for a number of reasons like it gives the opportunity to broadcast any news, to connect to other like minded people, to start a direct marketing campaign etc. Though blogging is mainly used by the users to maintain an online diary or for knowledge sharing on the Internet, but due to the numerous benefits it offers to the users, it has also become a popular medium for those, who just want to do business through their blogs. Apart from that, blogging can also be a great hobby and it can also work like a popular online platform to be connected to the peer groups.

Now let’s have a look at the benefits that the students can obtain from blogging:

It builds up the knowledge base: The main benefit that the students can enjoy from blogging is that it helps in building the knowledge base and developing the network of knowledge sharing. While the students write or publish for their audience or for the fellow students & teachers, it helps in starting an open communication about how they are doing and the intrinsic motivation that are behind these blogs. This thing creates a knowledge base and therefore motivates the students to write for the real audience for getting the feedback and the encouragement. Besides, blogging offers the students a complete educational experience that can help them in their learning process. For a number of students, it works as an extra motivation where they get to learn that their works will be seen & appreciated by their peer groups. Apart from that, they can also get the assistance from the global audience, with whom they can connect, communicate, discuss and share their thoughts through their blogs. Here the audience can also offer them further opinions, information, can seek answers to different questions and can suggest valuable resources.

It helps in the authority and network building: With so many websites and blogs available on the web, the students can easily differentiate themselves with the help of a good blog. Blogging offers the bloggers the scope to connect with the audience directly, allow them to know the blogger better by fostering a great relationship. In a simple term, blogs bring a great scope of networking, which is the base of every professional engagement. In the present market, the businesses and the relationship between the employers and the employees run on networking. So, with a good blog, the students get to know the people before entering into the job market as here the blog works as the virtual invitation to the professional world as the employers will also get the scope to know you through your works. Adding some additional details like the contact details in the about me section, the aims of your blog etc. will do the magic too.

Blogging offers a great scope of earning: These days, a number of school & college students have set up their blogs to advertise their services or products to their blog readers. Besides, there are quite a few students, who only blog to attract different types of Pay-Per-Click (Google Adesnse) or/and Cost-Per-Action (Amazon Affiliates) advertising programs to earn decent revenues from the advertisements or from the affiliation based adverts. These days, the trends of making money through blogs are quite popular as this method allows the bloggers to earn money while sitting back at homes. Apart from that, the students can also earn money by offering reviews of different products or services of different companies, by working as a freelance content contributor to any professional blog or company and so on. As a whole, students who have decent blogs with informative and helpful articles and some great comments & posts from the readers can direct a good traffic and boost numerous earning opportunities.

So, these are the reasons why every student should start blogging. Moreover, these blogs often help the students in creating their professional portfolio in a number of ways.

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