Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Digital Marketing Growth in India and the Job Market

digital marketing and career growth

Importance of Digital Marketing and the Career Growth

The world of marketing has experienced a huge revolution in the last few years no matter whether it is sales, advertising or promotion. But, with the advent of the latest technology, the present marketing industry is going through an immense transformation. As a result, both the business houses and the clients are modifying their interests from the conventional platforms of media marketing like print, radio or television to the digital media marketing strategies by using different platforms on the web. Even people, who were not sure about the capability of digital marketing in the last decade are now diving themselves into the ocean of digital marketing strategies.

Driven by the technological advancements like enhanced internet penetration, mobile and wireless broadband technology, nowadays, people as well as the business organizations mostly depend on the digital media for fulfilling their education, news, entertainment or business requirements. Besides, these days, the digital media can be leveraged in such a way that it helps even the small companies to create their individual brands and identities.

Presently, most of the people use the tablets and Smartphones for anything and everything. So, by using the digital marketing strategies the businesses can connect with their target clients anytime and from anywhere through the help of the mobile devices and the World Wide Web. This method is far more acceptable than the conventional medium of television marketing where the companies have to wait for the prime time to connect with their target clients. Therefore, it is completely apparent why the demand of the digital marketing strategies is increasing in leaps and bounds.

Digital marketing- on present context

According to the recent studies, by the end of July 2014, the Internet penetration limit in India will be around 243 millions, leaving behind the record of the USA. Presently, the online advertising market industry of India is the market of 2983+ crore. It is just the 10% of the total sum that are spent on advertisements. While other media like print are declining rapidly, the digital media sector has experienced a huge growth with a ratio of 31% due to their cost effectiveness, targeted approach, easy accessibility and better measurability. India has more than 100 million mobile internet users and around 72% of the total mobile internet users in rural India access internet using their mobile phones. These numbers are bound to increase exponentially in near future and can't be ignored. As a result, targeting the potential clients through different types of digital mediums has become very important than ever.

Hence, the companies are now using the digital marketing strategies as an important medium of their brand campaigning and these strategies are no more ignored. These mediums also allow the businesses to adjust their marketing mix.

According to the recent surveys, along with the importance of the digital marketing platforms, the budgets of digital marketing are also increasing noticeably. Gradually, different types of digital media campaigns are becoming essential parts of the successful marketing strategies of the companies both big and small. Since this medium is growing at a faster pace, the marketers are now facing different types of new challenges and opportunities within this platform.

The impact of digital marketing in the career growth of people:

The latest marketing trends have revealed that it has become really important for the marketers to go digital to grow potentially. But everything is not that smooth with digital marketing as often the digital marketing professionals don’t have the needed skills to conduct proper digital marketing strategies. According to the rules, to apply the digital marketing strategies perfectly, the marketing professionals must have a thorough knowledge on every aspect of digital marketing, like Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (PPC), eCommerce Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and many others. Therefore, if you have the right skills necessary to be a digital marketing professional, then the job scope is abundant for you as there is high demand and less supply.

In the previous times, the usage of the Internet was only confined to the metro cities, but due to the technical advancement and government policies, now Internet is even available in the remotest parts of India. Now more and more people getting inclined towards the strategies of digital marketing as these are more convenient to them than reading newspapers or watching ads on TV. Accordingly, the more inclined the users are towards digital marketing, the more requirements are there for the expert digital marketers. This requirement offers a better career growth to all the people, who are associated with this field.

Actually, in the recent few years, the things have changed in such a way that quite a large number of companies are now planning to eschew the brand promotions on the conventional mediums like TV or print. Moreover, the recent facts and figures have revealed that things related to digital marketing are now getting bigger only, so at this time being associated with the digital world will definitely assist you in utilizing all the scopes that this platform offers by achieving the professional satisfaction.