Wednesday, July 16, 2014

6 Ways Small Businesses can Leverage Social Media Sites to Market Their Products and Services

small business success and social media

Leveraging Social Media for Small Business Success

In the present Social Media influenced society and economy, it is really important for every entrepreneur to know the ways to get new prospective customers and clients as well as to market the small business by using the social media. These days, with the invention and advancements of the social networking sites, it has become really fast and easy to connect and engage with the social community of people, who want to avail the products and the services that these businesses offer.

The social media platforms use the real time conversations, which allow the entrepreneurs, gain maximum exposure for their business and to build up a great online presence. Often the small businesses make their social media marketing strategy limited by creating a Facebook page or a Pinterest board. But no matter how small your business is, in case you want to make it profitable and trustworthy, then you must have the plan and strategy about how you can add the community of the fans in your business effectively so that it can bring more business leads and sales conversions.

The popular social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and blogs make it really possible for every business to attract the ideal clients, to build up a trust and relationship with each of their customers and offer great solutions and services. Besides, there are also quite a few reasons why it is important for the business, including the home based ones to use the social media to market their products.

Now let’s have a look at how the home businesses should leverage the social media platforms to get the maximum out of them.

  Keep the message relevant: These days, the information travels really fast, that means the information becomes old very soon. Therefore, it is important to keep the information updated always. The interesting and fresh contents make the social media alive, but ensure that the contents are valuable and useful too. Useless details can only turn off the businesses. It doesn't matter whether you have a low budget, but you have to feed your targeted audience, fans and clients constantly with good social media contents so that they come back to your profile for more. Showcase your expertise and offer them valuable solutions through your posts. But make sure that you are not promoting your business all the time. Around 70% - 80% of your regular posts should add values in terms of knowledge and ideas and the rest can be about your business, products, services or your achievements.

  Keep the contents short and sweet: The main goal of the social media is to capture the interest of the clients in the fastest way. People never invest more than a few seconds of time to check the commercials and therefore they pass off the winding and longer messages. So, the messages should be packed with the details that they can go through at a glance. That means the messages should not be too vivid. It is better to add attractive and compelling graphics and images with the contents to make them more visually appealing, effective and conversionable.

  Try and analyze social paid ads: Social media is mostly free but there are options where you can invest money to promote your business to your target audience and demographics. Like Facebook offer paid ads which can be targeted to a particular country, city, age group, gender or an industry. Customized and properly targeted Facebook ads can deliver very good results to any business. So depending on your budget and business type, you can opt in these social ads or other forms of paid digital marketing to amplify your product’s immediate and natural reach.

  Leverage the search engines: The social media networks also work as the powerful search engine tools, which the entrepreneurs can leverage in order to market their solutions to their target audiences on the basis of the particular interests. The top ranking social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest also assist the business owners in moving up their search engine rankings by social media mentions, signals, followers, shares or likes that can provide the online contents with some extra boost on SERP. But nothing likes Google Plus; Google Plus should be leveraged fully to get the tons of search engine benefits that any small business can acquire.

  Build a global brand: The social media platforms allow every business with any budget to create a recognizable and global brand online. This thing is really helpful for all the home based or small entrepreneurs, who are unable to afford the costly marketing procedures, but still need some effective ways to gain the exposure on the global level. The viral nature of the social media can attract numerous people to the brands while creating buzz around the services and the products.

  Share unique voice through the social media: The social media is a crowded place with too much noise and there are a number of ways to leverage the social media platforms efficiently for a business. One of the effective medium is through blogging. Blogs are the perfect place to establish the voice of the entrepreneurs while sharing really relevant, inspiring and valuable contents. Besides, these also allow the entrepreneurs in creating a conversation as well as in building the brand or product awareness. By driving back the active social media fan followers to the blogs; you can get a huge scope of converting the warm leads into your customers and buyers.

To conclude with, the social media platforms work as the gateway for every business to connect with their market. Once they get the scope to identify as well as engage with the prospective clients, interested in the services or products, it becomes possible to build the online influence properly and to drive the traffic in a way. This also increases the bottom line of the businesses.

Social media platforms will surely return good results if the business remains consistent, focused and patient. Continuous monitoring and analysis is very important to understand which works best in terms of social engagements, business leads and sales conversions. Small and new businesses must understand that the social media takes enough time and real efforts to develop a circle of communities around a business or a brand, so staying motivated, dedicated and persistent is really important.