Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Why Quality Content Matters a Lot in Over All Online Marketing of a Company

why quality content matters for a company

Importance of Quality Contents

As 2014 is pushing along, the businesses are now experiencing the importance of a great content marketing strategy and therefore they have put on an intense focus on creating as well as sharing best quality contents. But while it is really easy to use the phrase best quality content, but only a few can actually define it.

There is a huge misconception among quite a number of business people that setting up some basic stand alone site is the only thing necessary for reaping the benefits of the Internet marketing strategy. As a result, these businesses easily get out of the competition very soon. So, if you really want to make your online marketing strategy powerful enough and if you want to optimize the online campaign, then you have to recognize the necessity of the quality contents.

Importance of good contents according to the search engines:

The major search engines like Google, Bing, MSN and Yahoo have increasingly become totally content driven. Besides, in the recent times Google has announced that it will only reward the good contents and will reduce the spam. So, according to the new algorithm only high quality sites with the best quality contents will get priority treatment.

What does good content can do for any site?

It is necessary to keep the websites updated in order to get a high search engine ranking. As people often say content is the king. There are actually a number of reasons, but the most vital reason is that the major search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo only award sites with enriched and fresh contents, which the readers find valuable. Besides, with the help of a good content it is possible to improve the organic search engine ranking of any site that puts the business stand apart from the competitors.

So, for every business, having valuable and current content on the website is a must. To do this, it is necessary to update the sites with high quality, fresh and relevant contents. As a result, these sites obtain the best results every time for the businesses while out-performing their competitors. So, whether you own a brick and mortar store, a boutique, a taxation firm, or a kitchen appliance store, the content of your site is one of the major things that lead to sales. So, you must consider it as a priority.

The benefits you can get from quality contents:

  1. Best quality contents will shorten the SandBox effects: All major search engines have the Sandbox phenomenon. Sandbox is basically a time, search engines take to measure a sites quality, intention and longevity. Google has clearly shown us that they are more interested in value addition and hate web spamming. So basically, in the sandbox time period search engines keep on checking the quality of the website or blog and if a new website or a blog continues to publish valuable contents regularly then after few initial months it will surely get the traffic and conversions. Generally we have seen that sandbox effect lasts for initial 3 months to 6 months and then sites or blogs will experience the traffic tractions from search engines. So it is quite natural that the consistency and quantity of quality contents can actually shorten this time period of sandbox for a site.
  2. Best quality contents will enhance the odds of getting new businesses: This is one of the major benefits that quality content can provide any site. Besides, great contents are also an amazing source for the less known or smaller companies to get the radars on the prospective buyers. This thing is mainly true in all the professional services industries where the executive consumers are mainly intrigued by the power of ideas offered by the firms and not by the size of the marketing budget of the companies.
  3. Best quality contents can stick your ranking: It is really challenging for the normal SEO articles that their rankings can slip anytime or disappear due to the tweak of the Google’s algorithm. Therefore, it is really beneficial to invest on quality contents as by making content marketing one ongoing effort; this risk can easily be avoided. This way, in case the rankings of the past articles slip, the new articles will take the place.
  4. Other benefits that quality contents can provide you: The quality contents of any site or webpage control the best positions for the main keywords and this ranking then helps the businesses grow in a number of ways. One of the best benefits is more amount of traffic. This means more and more people will visit the landing pages of your site or blog, will read it entirely and will join the email list. This way, people will start following you on your social networking profiles and the popularity of your business will spread likewise.

Underlying challenges:

  1. Identifying the potential customers and their needs: This is the biggest challenge for the small businesses, especially if they have a tight budget. Before starting content marketing you have to identify the segment of customers for your services or products that you are going to offer and market. A professional content marketing firm can do this for you otherwise you have to do some initial and periodic researches to understand who can be your prospective customers and what their actual needs are from your product or service.
  2. Ignorance of the power of quality contents: This is another major problem for companies. Most of the time small businesses do not understand that why it is very important to maintain a proper content marketing strategy for their company. And even if they understand, they look uncertain about the results as content creation is a continuous process and takes sufficient time to develop.
  3. Interested but having very limited budget: After last few updates on search engines it is now proved that quality is the main aspect for the success of ranking. So hiring a good and ethical content writer or firm is very much crucial. Regular monitoring and conversations can ensure the quality and freshness of the contents otherwise there are several online tools available in market that small businesses can use to gauge the duplicity and effectiveness of the contents. So depending on the budget, the volume of work and the quality of the writer or firm businesses have to invest money on content writing regularly.
  4. Irregularity in content publishing: Content marketing will surely work for any business if they don’t give up or interrupt the regularity of publishing contents. It takes effort, time, investments and a bit of basic knowledge on content marketing. Remember, once you are in, you should remain patient and continue to post contents related to your industry maintaining regularity. If you do so, by the time you learn the knowhow of this marketing technique, you will be out of the sandbox and will experience the growth in traffic and sales conversions.

In conclusion:

In this increasingly competitive web marketplace, having high quality and content rich site is a must for every business. Any business can easily create the right content plan with a little investment that includes valuable details for both the current and prospective consumers. Keeping this importance in mind, businesses should be developing an effective content strategy to offer the edge in the niche.