Friday, June 13, 2014

Social Media Career Path in 2014

SMO as a Career Option

SMO or the Social Media Optimization is known as the procedure of increasing the responsiveness of any brand, product or event by using different types of communities and social media outlets to create the viral publicity. This process is also known as the perfect blend of the social media and the Search Engine Optimization. If used in the proper manner, this procedure can be one of the greatest assets of any company that can be used for enhancing the organic search results of the site of that company.

While it seems that there are more number of social media consultants in the industry than the number of companies that are here to hire them, but actually the scenario is completely different.

So, if you are planning to enter into the job field as a social media optimizer or social media marketer in any online marketing company, you should have more practical experience and knowledge than only having accounts on different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.

People often have a fluffy idea about the job of the social media optimizers that it is all about opening accounts in different social media platforms, making friends with thousands of known and unknown people. But actually the main goal of this job is to show how strong your social media network can be, how effectively you can share a message through the social media and how much engagements and communications you are creating.

Besides, to be a social media optimizer, one should have a thorough knowledge in the things like social network research and development, social network planning, social content promotion, social data analytics and monitoring for reports and insights and light SEO. A good Social Media training institute can help you in gathering knowledge about these things. Training and experience are the two things that can help the passionate users to convert into the expert social media analysts, who can offer impactful social media advices and insights to others.

The social media industry is actually a cut throat industry. So, people who think that it is really a cool place to work in can really have a hard time here. All you can find that after a tiring work schedule, the final end products will be really cool with plenty of wide-ranging features.

Now let’s have a look at different types of career opportunities that social media optimization can provide you:

Social media marketing manager: These people oversee all the aspects of the social media campaign of any company. The duties of these people are mainly associated to create and maintain the social media accounts, research on the behavior of the prospective clients and users, craft campaigns that can attract people and manage all the contents and the designs of the social media outreach. Besides, they are also responsible for creating strong Call to Action and building communications & relationships with industry leaders and decision makers of different organizations.

Social media marketing associate: These people are mainly responsible for the planning and implementing the campaigns of social media marketing. Besides, they make connections with the bloggers and the clients of any company to create the gossip buzz to attract the visitors to the social media pages of a company.

Social media marketing copywriter: These professionals are mainly responsible for creating creative and innovative messages for different social media campaigns and for releasing the messages on different social media platforms. They create, design and edit podcasts, pictures, videos, slides and contents which actually generate the social communications and user engagements.

Social media marketing analyst: The duties of these people are to analyze the effectiveness of various types of social media strategies and therefore research about the new trends and tactics in social media optimization. Apart from that, they also work to troubleshoot the technical issues with the social media campaign. These people should have a clear knowledge about the procedures like writing newsletters, website copy, descriptions, press releases and other types of contents that are used to communicate in the social media platforms. Besides, they must possess thorough understanding of various technicalities of social media products and should be proactive to learn different technological advancements and updates of those platforms.

If you plan to join the social media industry as a freelancer then you may have to work for all the above mentioned positions. Therefore, it is necessary to have thorough knowledge of all the procedures related to the job of social media optimizer. Besides, you have to be capable of facing different challenges to grow your expertise.

To conclude with, the social media optimization is the right career option for you if you are passionate about working with different social media platforms, technologies, tools, marketing strategies, optimization of the campaigns, case studies, research and analysis etc. Besides, you have to be extremely energetic, should be capable of working under challenging situations, should be capable of brainstorming to come up with new and effective ideas every time and should have the zeal to learn constantly from this field.

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