Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Small Businesses and Their Social Media Strategies

How Social Medias Can Benefit A Business

These days, a number of businesses have started joining the social media due to the feature of free marketing. The term free marketing indicates that the business owners can post their ads or deals for free (paid ad option is also available) on various social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or LinkedIn. Besides, they can run different contests on twitter to attract the new visitors as well as to engage with the present clients to their sites.

Thus, it is quite evident that using the social media platforms can be really beneficial for the businesses. Because, these allow the companies to get direct access to both the present and the potential clients, to answer the questions, to spread details of their products or services, to address different issues in some conversational format and to showcase their brands to millions of people across the globe.

So, if you own a business and if you are not familiar with the importance of different social media platforms for your business, then the services and the terminology can seem to be very daunting for you at first. But you can learn these easily. The majority of the social media services are quite easy to use and also affordable. Besides, learning these techniques can also help your business to get in touch with the customers and the potential clients like never before.

The social networking platforms also add a fragment of personality to every business, allowing the voice of the company to shine through. So, businesses need to be careful, who is updating the messages on the social networking platforms remains consistent with the brand messaging of the company and also conveys the right message. Apart from that, the businesses must keep in mind that social media marketing is also a form quite similar to the human resources or public relations, based on the always updating and informative nature of the social media.

Now let’s have some insight about different social media platforms that are great for different marketing activities.

  1. Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn: These are the social networking sites that allow the businesses to create different pages on the names of the companies, post videos and photos of the products or services offered, promote the special offers and have direct conversations with the clients. Besides, the first two social networking platforms also deliver aimed marketing messages to the clients in the specific locations through the mobile devices like tablets and smart-phones.
  2. Twitter: This is basically a micro blogging site, which allows the business people to send and receive small texts from the clients and the potential clients.
  3. Pinterest: These are one of the sites that allow the businesses to post the pictures of their products or services along with the descriptions. So, the visitors can check the details of the products or services sites through this site.

The benefits that you can get from using the social media platforms:

  1. Target particular groups or communities: A few forms of the social media (such as Facebook, Google+ etc.) allow the businesses to target some specific groups & communities, often in the particular domain, industry or location
  2. Broad reach: The social media platforms have the power to reach to numerous people across the globe easily at a time
  3. Low or free cost: A few forms of the social media come with both paid and free options. The paid options are generally low cost.
  4. Easy to access: One doesn't need any high-tech computer equipment & infrastructure or any high level technical skills to participate in the social media platforms. People with standard computer knowledge will never face any difficulty accessing these.
  5. Personal in nature: The social media platforms allow the business owners to communicate with both the groups and individual clients in a personal manner
  6. Fast: With the social media platforms, the businesses can distribute information quickly to a number of people.

In a nutshell, the social media platforms actually have the power to bring the different businesses together with the help of the formal and informal communication methods. Besides, these also bring out the process of sharing ideas between people that can help the companies a lot to grow.

But, to acquire the benefits from the social media it is necessary to spend a certain amount of time regularly to participate in your social media strategies. So, update the information daily and keep all your information intact. Treat the social media platform as something your clients are going to come by to check about your company. In case you don’t update these details on a regular basis, then they won’t come back. Putting up a profile is not enough rather you need to keep the conversations going.