Friday, June 6, 2014

PromozSEO, the Leading Web Training Academy in Kolkata



These days, the internet marketing strategies are changing swiftly. With more and more internet penetration in urban country and with increasing number of smart phone and mobile internet users, the demand of a proper online strategy for a business is very necessary. Therefore, it really has become difficult for both the business owners and the web & marketing professionals to remain on the top of the things. The conventional curriculum of web training academies can’t offer up-to-date knowledge and skills. This is the main reason why PromozSEO, one of the leading web training academies of Kolkata has come up with a wide array of knowledge on web training. The main training programs offered by this academy include: SEO Training, SMO Training, PHP Training, Web Design Training, Content Writing Training etc.

At this academy:

  1. All the courses are designed to offer the students immediate practical knowledge and effective results
  2. Here we prepare our students to compete in the highly demanding job market
  3. We have chosen all our courses keeping in mind the constantly changing and dynamic web industry and we update the courses on a regular basis to provide the best practices as well as the most updated information in the industry.
At PromozSEO, we offer a comprehensive resource through the training modules that are designed to assist the candidates in learning the different forms of web training. Besides, this academy is created to offer the candidates a comparative and informative overview of these forms so that they can start their careers as successful web developers, web designers, web marketing or search engine experts.

At this web training institute, we have designed the courses in such a way that can be helpful for the company owners, individuals in search of jobs, business people or faculty members across Kolkata, who are always ready to make some real difference in their fields. Besides, here we are aimed to build a close knit learning community with our students that is completely dedicated to the interactive study, lifelong learning, factual course material and most importantly successful internet marketing.

Our mission and vision:

PromozSEO Academy specializes in offering a complete range of really effective web training courses for the professionals. We work with the mission of being the number one web training academy in Kolkata, by helping the candidates finding their jobs in different fields like web development, web designing or web marketing as per their forte. Besides, this academy also assists the students in taking preparation for entrepreneurship by providing them the highest caliber of their knowledge along with the updated industry insights.

In order to fulfill our mission, we arrange regular workshops, trainings and webinars for the students aiming on how to use these techniques effectively to attract the clients and the prospective customers, drive the sales, grow the profit margin, create brand awareness, increase the website traffic and also to increase the overall marketing reach.

Why choose us?

Dedicated training academy: At PromozSEO, we welcome each and every student, who plans his/her career in the web related fields. So, whether you are a job seeker looking for the best job or a business man want to take your online business to a new height, you will find here the exceptional dedication that will really make you confident to pursue your dream career by offering your complete potential in that field.

We use only latest technologies: Apart from providing the students the required theoretical knowledge, we also use the latest technologies to teach our students in the practical field. We plan our training modules to offer the students the latest knowledge about their fields so that they can be completely prepared to deal with all the challenges in their career. Here we always think forward and we love to keep ourselves one step ahead of our competitors. Besides, we always focus on the successful careers of our students.

We can help the students reach to the extra mile:  At PromozSEO Academy, we help our students to go that extra mile that will be really beneficial for their career. Besides, we assist them till date they become successful even after completing the course. We always stand by our students to answer all their queries as well as to keep them updated about each and every latest technology through our posts, articles, blogs or forums.

So, join our academy now to earn the latest technical expertise in the field of web and internet through being a part of the advanced and specialized web training courses that can be studied at your own pace in a customized manner.