Thursday, June 19, 2014

Why and How to Target Mobile Internet Users?

Why and How to Target Mobile Internet Users

Importance of Mobile Internet Users From The Business Perspective

At the present time, the total number of mobile Internet usage is exploding in leaps and bounds. By the year 2015, the trend of mobile website browsing will surpass the habit of desktop browsing as the tablet, Smartphone and other hybrid device's popularity is growing enormously. So, at present if a business doesn’t have a mobile presence, then the business will surely miss out on the numerous opportunities to turn into the on-the-go prospects to pay the clients. Businesses must understand that mobile internet users are basically shoppers who seriously intend to buy a product or service from their locality. Let’s have a look why it’s really important for the small businesses to target the mobile Internet users:

  1. At present, total 3 out of the 5 searches made on the Internet are done through the mobile phones
  2. People across the globe mainly favor the mobile browsers for various purposes like local information, banking transactions, shopping, travel and many more things
  3. Around 70% of the total searches made on the tablets and Smartphones result in the action within an hour
  4. Around 75% of the Smartphone users entirely rely on their phones to get any information and also to get the location related details
  5. The mobile phone coupons are mainly redeemed more times than the traditional coupons
  6. More than 80% retailers are planning to do huge investments on Targeted Mobile Marketing this year
  7. Around half of the total Internet traffic comes via the mobile devices

According to these points mentioned above, around half of the adults across this globe use the mobile phone Internet to do the necessary search on the web. So, the web marketing plans of the small businesses must target the mobile Internet users. Even if you run a small departmental store, a restaurant, a boutique, an interior decoration firm or any other business, you should target the mobile Internet users as well as your site should be mobile friendly too. At the present time, when people mostly use the mobile devices to complete their web search requirements, if your clients don’t find you through the mobile search, then your business will be left nowhere.

So, the mobile marketing process is a great method to target the potential mobile Internet user clients, who are interested in the products or services offered by the companies. The companies can conduct the mobile marketing through creating mobile optimized sites, mobile advertisements, through sending text messages and email. But targeting the mobile Internet users through the mobile marketing can be really challenging. As the sizes of the mobile devices vary, so some times these campaigns can be restricted because of the differences in the screen sizes, system configurations and in the operating systems.

Here are the ways how you should target the mobile Internet users:

  1. Build a mobile friendly website: Mobile friendly and responsive websites are the current trend. But do not think, it is a fashion but this is a true need of the present days. Due to the easy accessing and on-the-go searching and browsing facilities, people are more tend to use smartphones and tablet devices for their regular internet accessing. So to target this new set of internet searchers, a company must have a mobile friendly website which fits into any device or screen size automatically and delivers the same contents across the internet. These websites make it easier to read and surf the contents on various devices like desktop computers, laptops, tablets and the Smartphones. Apart from the enhanced user-friendly nature, a responsive site is more search engine friendly than a similar quality non-responsive site. 
  2. Know your market: In case your small business is geared towards the demographic, which has the massive smart phone usages, then it is better to know the market first. The mobile marketing of your site can be more successful, if your site targets people of the age group 18 to 34. As the people of this age group are mostly the mobile Internet users and potential buyers.
  3. Go local: Another step to target the mobile Internet users is to claim the Google Places & Bing Places presence. To do this, submit your site to the local search engines. Besides, listing businesses to local business directories with consistent Business Name, Address and Phone number can also lead more visibilities on major search engines. Quite a large percentage of people, use the local internet while looking for the web through the mobile phones. This way, the businesses can get loads of exposure, from all the people who are ready to purchase products or services from these businesses.
  4. Incorporate the QR codes: You can incorporate the Quick Response Codes or QR codes on the ads, flyers, business cards and also in the email signature. The QR code is the matrix barcode, which can be downloaded to any Smartphone for free and or is readable by the QR scanners. So, even by this way you can send your potential clients a particular webpage or the details of any special offer or discount.
  5. Start a mobile friendly email campaign: If you are already sending emails to your loyal and prospective customers and clients then now this is the time to go for mobile friendly email campaigns. Email is the top most activity on smart phones and if you can target your subscribers properly with your email campaigns, special offers, coupons and discounts then you can get loads of visitors, leads and sales conversions easily, quickly and above all at a minimum acquisition cost.
  6. Send SMS: Once you get the scope to contact with your potential clients, send them right type of messages to get them to opt-in to the exact promotion or to click on the link.
  7. Build up a mobile app: These days, due to the ever increasing popularity of the Smartphones, people are quite friendly with different types of mobile apps that make the user experience better and simpler. Depending on your business type and volume, you can also take the help of this technique to target your potential clients. Build up an interesting app that can sell your services or products and can drive traffic to your site by engaging your prospective clients. Besides, you can use these mobile apps for the advertising purposes of your company as well.

Above all, to run a successful digital marketing campaign on any channels or devices a continuous testing, measuring and thorough analysis is very much crucial. So always monitor the results you are getting from your marketing efforts & investments and accordingly adapt the best methods which are giving the maximum ROI.