Monday, June 23, 2014

Common Mistakes on Social Media, Businesses Must Not Commit

social media myths and mistakes

Social Media Myths

The social media platforms allow the companies to reach to their target customers in such a way that most never ever have dreamed. Like the previous years, in 2014 too, more and more businesses are using the social media to market their services and merchandises. However, often the companies fail to fulfill their targets as they jump into the field of social media marketing without any proper strategy.

While promoting the brands or the businesses through the social media, most of the organizations think that it is a simple exercise that will instantly start bearing fruits. But actually it is a big misconception as for every social media marketing campaign, it is necessary to put in loads of hard work along with a precise and a flawless strategy to come up with gratifying and positive results. Besides, it is necessary to be proactive to keep updating the details that you post, interact with both the prospective clients and the existing clients and do other things to covert the visitors into the potential customers.

But to do these things, the businesses commit a few mistakes and these can really be fatal for them. In case you are a business owner and want to avoid these faults, then you should be aware of these. Here are the top eight mistakes businesses often make on the social media platforms that you must watch out.

  1. Tweeting for long: Twitter is undoubtedly one of the strongest mediums of social media at present and this is going to be stronger in the upcoming few years. This is the reason why now the businesses are using this platform in the maximum way. But in order to avoid overdoing it, it is necessary to learn how to do it. Tweeting works as a great marketing tool, but only when it is used within limits. So, keep the tweet limited to three to four times a day instead of tweeting for all the day long.
  2. Using loads of hashtags: Before you use any features of the social media, it is really necessary to have a comprehensible idea about how much usage of those features can be beneficial for your business. One of the major features of twitter, facebook, google+ and pinterest is the hashtags. Though, it has been a popular trend in 2014 to use maximum limit of hashtags, but it is important to avoid this trend as long as your business is concerned. Use two or three maximum hashtags and remove others to ensure that your business has maximum utility. This thing will be really beneficial for your business.
  3. Follow lots of people: This is one of the biggest misconceptions we see in people’s mind. Remember, Social Media is not about quantity but it is all about quality. Handful of quality and prospective people can be more valuable than the random noise in your social networks and above all the noise can actually suppress the approaching voice. So it is better to follow few thought leaders in your industry and prospects who are already interested in your products or services. This way you will be able to listen to them properly, pay more concentration on their queries and provide thoughtful knowledge and solutions.
  4. Obsessive about gaining too much tweets or likes: These days, with the advent of a number of social media websites, marketing the products has really become very easy. While you post about any new products or services of your company on Facebook or google+, you will definitely get more likes and shares. Besides, you can inform your clients about the products or services on twitter by making tweets. Though these shares or tweets can be great marketing tools, but it doesn’t mean that these can convert the visitors into your customers. So, you have to do something more to ensure that these tweets and likes bring you more business. This is a courteous thing that you can do as a professional.
  5. Shrugging of all the negative feedbacks: Often businesses ignore the negative feedbacks that they get in their social media accounts. But ignoring these feedbacks can badly reflect on your business. Whether you admit it or not, but the visitors are prone to read the negative comments first while they visit the social media profile of any business. So, if you really want to spread your business through the social media platforms, then you should not ignore these negative comments and should address them properly to solve the issues. 
  6. Utilizing social media as the mouthpiece of your company: At the present time, social media has become a great place where people mostly interact. But using this channel as a major platform to market the products or services is one of the biggest mistakes that the businesses commit. Rather, the social media platforms should be used in such a manner that these can work as a medium to post the news about the products or the services that your brand offers and most importantly to share the knowledge or tips on a particular industry or niche. This way, you can attract the potential clients to your sites and it will inspire a discussion. The result will be better business with enhanced profit margin.
  7. Social Media is free and can deliver immediate results: Indeed, using social media platforms such as twitter, facebook, google plus, pinterest, linkedin or youtube is completely (or partially) free but there are hidden investments as well which we can’t ignore. The most crucial and biggest investment is time, we invest good amount of quality time to plan strategies, create contents & graphics, execute campaigns etc. to reach to our targeted audience. As it truly said that the ‘Time is Money’, so we are actually investing money in terms of time, skill, strategy building, campaign creation and many others. Apart from all these there are paid social media which actually works according to the amount of money invested but can build a brand and create awareness about a product or service. Social media does not deliver immediate or quick results & success rather it takes continuous efforts, consistent creativity and long time.
  8. Have to be present on every social networking site: No, this not true and do not even try this. Rather, concentrate and engage on few big social media channels and be active and productive on them by communicating with your followers, potential customers and industry leaders. Apart from big social media sites you can even join on couple of comparatively smaller niche social sites for better productivity.

The bottom line is, measure & analyze different insights provided by different social media sites and accordingly change or modify your strategies. Remember, strategy that worked for any other business may or may not work for you. So, concentrate on people and their needs on your industry and try to solve their problems proactively. And have patience, consistency, goal and vision to win your target.