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6 Ways Small Businesses can Leverage Social Media Sites to Market Their Products and Services

small business success and social media

Leveraging Social Media for Small Business Success

In the present Social Media influenced society and economy, it is really important for every entrepreneur to know the ways to get new prospective customers and clients as well as to market the small business by using the social media. These days, with the invention and advancements of the social networking sites, it has become really fast and easy to connect and engage with the social community of people, who want to avail the products and the services that these businesses offer.

The social media platforms use the real time conversations, which allow the entrepreneurs, gain maximum exposure for their business and to build up a great online presence. Often the small businesses make their social media marketing strategy limited by creating a Facebook page or a Pinterest board. But no matter how small your business is, in case you want to make it profitable and trustworthy, then you must have the plan and strategy about how you can add the community of the fans in your business effectively so that it can bring more business leads and sales conversions.

The popular social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and blogs make it really possible for every business to attract the ideal clients, to build up a trust and relationship with each of their customers and offer great solutions and services. Besides, there are also quite a few reasons why it is important for the business, including the home based ones to use the social media to market their products.

Now let’s have a look at how the home businesses should leverage the social media platforms to get the maximum out of them.

  Keep the message relevant: These days, the information travels really fast, that means the information becomes old very soon. Therefore, it is important to keep the information updated always. The interesting and fresh contents make the social media alive, but ensure that the contents are valuable and useful too. Useless details can only turn off the businesses. It doesn't matter whether you have a low budget, but you have to feed your targeted audience, fans and clients constantly with good social media contents so that they come back to your profile for more. Showcase your expertise and offer them valuable solutions through your posts. But make sure that you are not promoting your business all the time. Around 70% - 80% of your regular posts should add values in terms of knowledge and ideas and the rest can be about your business, products, services or your achievements.

  Keep the contents short and sweet: The main goal of the social media is to capture the interest of the clients in the fastest way. People never invest more than a few seconds of time to check the commercials and therefore they pass off the winding and longer messages. So, the messages should be packed with the details that they can go through at a glance. That means the messages should not be too vivid. It is better to add attractive and compelling graphics and images with the contents to make them more visually appealing, effective and conversionable.

  Try and analyze social paid ads: Social media is mostly free but there are options where you can invest money to promote your business to your target audience and demographics. Like Facebook offer paid ads which can be targeted to a particular country, city, age group, gender or an industry. Customized and properly targeted Facebook ads can deliver very good results to any business. So depending on your budget and business type, you can opt in these social ads or other forms of paid digital marketing to amplify your product’s immediate and natural reach.

  Leverage the search engines: The social media networks also work as the powerful search engine tools, which the entrepreneurs can leverage in order to market their solutions to their target audiences on the basis of the particular interests. The top ranking social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest also assist the business owners in moving up their search engine rankings by social media mentions, signals, followers, shares or likes that can provide the online contents with some extra boost on SERP. But nothing likes Google Plus; Google Plus should be leveraged fully to get the tons of search engine benefits that any small business can acquire.

  Build a global brand: The social media platforms allow every business with any budget to create a recognizable and global brand online. This thing is really helpful for all the home based or small entrepreneurs, who are unable to afford the costly marketing procedures, but still need some effective ways to gain the exposure on the global level. The viral nature of the social media can attract numerous people to the brands while creating buzz around the services and the products.

  Share unique voice through the social media: The social media is a crowded place with too much noise and there are a number of ways to leverage the social media platforms efficiently for a business. One of the effective medium is through blogging. Blogs are the perfect place to establish the voice of the entrepreneurs while sharing really relevant, inspiring and valuable contents. Besides, these also allow the entrepreneurs in creating a conversation as well as in building the brand or product awareness. By driving back the active social media fan followers to the blogs; you can get a huge scope of converting the warm leads into your customers and buyers.

To conclude with, the social media platforms work as the gateway for every business to connect with their market. Once they get the scope to identify as well as engage with the prospective clients, interested in the services or products, it becomes possible to build the online influence properly and to drive the traffic in a way. This also increases the bottom line of the businesses.

Social media platforms will surely return good results if the business remains consistent, focused and patient. Continuous monitoring and analysis is very important to understand which works best in terms of social engagements, business leads and sales conversions. Small and new businesses must understand that the social media takes enough time and real efforts to develop a circle of communities around a business or a brand, so staying motivated, dedicated and persistent is really important.

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7 Essential Landing Page and Conversion Tips (Mistakes & How-To Fix)

Essential landing page and conversion tips

7 Essential Landing Page and Conversion Tips & Tricks

At the age of digital and search engine marketing landing pages are very crucial & essential for all type of businesses no matter what the size of the business is. Landing pages help businesses to sell their products or services through internet to their prospective online customers and clients. There are millions & billions of landing pages created each day on World Wide Web by businesses and digital marketing companies. Some of them work perfectly and generate huge sales and revenues and on the other side there are landing pages which actually fail to convert their potential online site visitors into real customers. In many occasions landing pages can kill the conversions of a website, if they are structured and designed wrongly.

According to Marketing Sherpa:

  1. Around 64% of the marketing experts say that the landing pages are the best way to measure and analyze the value proposition.
  2. Around 68% of B2B businesses use landing pages to generate sales leads for future business conversions.
  3. 48% of marketers build and trust on their landing pages for their each new marketing campaigns.

Landing pages are the online windows for your business from where you can sell your products or services via internet or capture your users or prospective customer’s information through a web form. So, if you are investing on your landing pages and expecting good sales conversions from them then you must consider some of the very important facts of landing pages and their design criteria.

# Each of the landing pages must have a clear and descriptive headline with proper keyword-targeting: Landing pages with boring headlines and improper keyword-targeting must fail to convert.

  1. First be sure what is the exact purpose of creating the landing page
  2. Identify what is the one single thing that you want to sell or offer from the landing page
  3. Analyze keywords that match with that product or service
  4. Select the best keyword which your online customers would use when they search
  5. Include the selected keyword in the page title and the headline (mostly H1)
  6. Write your landing page headline in a persuasive manner
  7. Make the offer as specific as possible in the headline 
  8. Edit your headline to make it attractive, descriptive (but not too long) and clear

# Each landing page must contain a single Call-to-Action: Landing pages with multiple Call-to-Action (multiple offers) are poor for conversion. Multiple Call-to-Action confuses the customers and eventually results in lower conversion.

  1. Do not include multiple offers or Call-to-Action on a single landing page
  2. Call-to-Action must be related to the page title and headline
  3. Call-to-Action must be easy to find and identify
  4. Place the Call-to-Action at above-the-fold of your landing page
  5. Include the same Call-to-Action multiple times if the landing page is long
  6. Use complimentary color schemes to design the Call-to-Action

# Call-to-Action form with too much form fields results in lower conversion: Do not request too much information from your customers; this will surely lead to poor conversion rate over time.

  1. Include as minimum form fields as possible in the Call-to-Action form
  2. Obtain only those information which are relevant and actually required
  3. If more information is required then opt in two step Call-to-Action form
  4. Make the form looking professional with proper color, font, padding and margins
  5. Add a privacy statement (e.g ‘We respect your privacy’) in the Call-to-Action form
  6. Do not include any type of captcha (spam filter) in the Call-to-Action form

# Too much content can lead to lower conversion: Landing pages with huge, cluttered and unstructured content can be dangerous. Too much content can distract your potential online customers. They have come on your landing page because they are interested in your product or service, so make it as simple as possible for them to understand and peruse.

  1. Write contents in paragraph with proper sub heading (mostly H2 to H6)
  2. Use bullets to mark each sub points
  3. Use Bold (<strong>) and Italic (<em>) to point out the key phrases & notes
  4. Make the content concise, clear, trustworthy and persuasive
  5. Focus more on the benefits of the products or services and not their features
  6. Do not use technical jargon.
  7. Use maximum 2 pictures related to the offer
  8. A video tutorial or a video about the benefits of the product can be awesome

# Landing pages with longer loading times get poor conversions: 40% of customers close the landing page which takes more than 3 seconds to load which ultimately increases the bounce rate of the site which has tremendous negative impact on search engines. An unpleasant experience with the performance of the landing page can result into lower returning visitors and re-selling. This is not only about the conversion but longer loading time of a landing page can result in poor ranking on SERP as well.

  1. Get rid of the unnecessary contents, graphics and coding
  2. If possible place all the Javascript files and codes at the end of the html (before </body>)
  3. Make use of GZip compression and CDN technologies

# Non-responsive landing pages are half done: Around 60% of total searches made on internet are done through mobile phone or tablet devices. Around 70% of total mobile searches convert into action within an hour. So depending on the age group you are targeting on your landing page, it will be wise to design your landing pages appropriately for your mobile customers too.

  1. Build responsive landing pages those fit into any screen or device size
  2. Do not design separate landing pages for mobile and computer devices, this will result in unwanted canonical issues

# Social proof and recommendations can deliver amazing results: Credibility can boost the conversion of a landing page. Establish the consumer-trust on your product or service by including;

  1. Social media feeds, social mentions and social proofs
  2. Honest reviews of your product or service from your current or earlier customers
  3. Recommendations from influential people or well acknowledged industry governing body
  4. Phone number and other contact details at a prominent place
  5. Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions in layman’s term

Know your customers, their problems and needs, accordingly design your landing pages in such a fashion that your potential customers can relate to those problems easily and find a trustworthy solution on your landing page.

Test, analyze and measure the activities of your online visitors, monitor the conversions regularly and make necessary changes to see which work better for you. Remember what works for one company may or may not work for you or your client. Landing page conversions depend on so many things, like the industry, the business model, competition in the market, targeted audience, age group and so on. Therefore it is very important to test the landing pages consistently to gauge their effectiveness.

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How Social Media Can Help in Job Search

social media and job hunting

How students can use social media for their job hunting

Nowadays, the task of job searching goes hand in hand with the social media as now most of the students use social media as the main medium of communication. Besides, social media platforms are also the most popular forms of networking, designed on the basis of the social interaction, enabled by the web 2.0 technologies. Therefore, the social media platforms can lend a great degree of specialty to the job search while enhancing the scope of various employment opportunities.

  1. According to a recent survey, around 45% of the employers use the social media platforms to screen the prospective candidates and now this ratio is growing in leaps and bounds. The employers mainly check the social networking profiles of the potential candidates to check their professional demeanor, communication & behavioral skills, the subject matter proficiency & the assets they possess and how well rounded the candidates are. 
  2. Besides, around 40% of the students now take the help of the social media for job seeking, researching careers and to market themselves to the future employers while sorting their social life. At the same time, this ratio suggests that around 60% of the total students still miss the scope to present themselves properly in front of the employers or fail to use social media profiles appropriately to get future employment options.

Social media can provide the students both the necessary details and the connections that are important for their job hunts. Here the students can research about different industries and companies, can contact with the present employees of any company to learn about the work culture, job details, hiring procedure, professional associations, work ethics, networking and recruiting events, recommendations that the companies are looking for and so on. Besides, they can learn about the industry information and technical updates & guidelines on the domain and prepare their skills and candidatures accordingly.

Now let’s have some details about the popular social networking platforms and how to use them for job searching:

Facebook: It is one of the most effective networking platforms available today. Facebook is a fun for having informal conversations, chats at the same time; it is also great for professional practices like for job hunting, network building etc. These days, a number of employers are taking the help of this platform to find and scrutinize the right employees for their companies and job roles. By using this platform, the students can:

  1. Follow & like the companies they are interested in to know about their recent news, announcements and the job opportunities.
  2. Join various groups on the niche and participate on discussions actively and consistently. This way students and job seekers can broaden their candidature’s reachability and findability.
  3. Post notes regarding the career opportunities they are looking for. These also offer the scope to include longer messages.
  4. Update education, work and professional skills to elevate their professional application and forte.
  5. Post statuses to inform the friends on their profiles that they are in search of jobs. Besides, students who have their own blogs can also share it on Facebook.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn allows the students & professionals to highlight the work history, their accomplishments, their skill sets, professional clouts and many more things. In sequence, the potential employers can find the potential employees with the right credentials while filling up the open positions. So, by taking the help of LinkedIn, the students can:

  1. Look for the job opportunities. Apart from looking for the job postings, the students can easily participate in different discussions and can join different groups. A number of employers post the job opportunities within the discussion sections of various groups. Joining and interacting socially and professionally on those conversations can boost any ones professional visibility and hiring likability.
  2. Grow endorsements & recommendations from other people in his or her profile, demonstrating professionalism and including credibility to the resume within any specific industry.
  3. Add complete educational and professional details to their profiles and additionally they can connect directly with different company recruiters on the same industry.
  4. Share valuable articles and contents on the niche. By doing so students can increase the chances of getting contacted by recruiters and hired by companies.

Twitter: Twitter is mainly used for creating a great online presence, by joining conversations, keeping the latest on news, learning about different job opportunities and building connections & audience. Twellow-the Twitter tool searches the URLs and the bios of people. After that, a quick search will list the users to find the companies they want to work with along with the employers, who are on this platform. But while using twitter, the users have to make sure that, they create the twitter name with their real name. By using twitter, the students will get the benefits like:

  1. Following the recruiters, companies and the people of preference to learn about the job opportunities as well as the employment & industry news
  2. Reaching out to millions of people for networking from whom they can ask advice & opinions
  3. Building a great online presence by using the hashtags to mention other users, re-tweet the information and to contribute to any conversation.

But no matter what social media platforms students choose for their job hunting, it is very important for them to have a thorough understanding of different social networking profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter or the blogs. Additionally students have to have complete knowledge about how these profiles work before they start using these social platforms for their professional career enhancements and job searching.

Top 3 Reasons Students Should Start Blogging

3 reasons why students start blogging

Why Students Should Start Blogging?

The blogs are known as the online mediums that are used in a number of ways like for the organizational purposes, for the professional purposes, for the educational purposes, for personal purposes and many more. The hybrid and the flexible nature of these blogs help in expressing a number of genres, keeping in mind the communicative needs of the users. Besides, the nature of the blogs suggests that there are a number of purposes for starting the habit of blogging regardless of the context within which blogging is pursued.

According to the studies, blogging can offer a complete sense of authorship & ownership over the work which helps students and individuals to grow their professional online network virtually which benefits in so many ways, including valued resource collection, network building, job hunting, getting freelancing projects, earning money and many others.

Blogging is also effective for the students for a number of reasons like it gives the opportunity to broadcast any news, to connect to other like minded people, to start a direct marketing campaign etc. Though blogging is mainly used by the users to maintain an online diary or for knowledge sharing on the Internet, but due to the numerous benefits it offers to the users, it has also become a popular medium for those, who just want to do business through their blogs. Apart from that, blogging can also be a great hobby and it can also work like a popular online platform to be connected to the peer groups.

Now let’s have a look at the benefits that the students can obtain from blogging:

It builds up the knowledge base: The main benefit that the students can enjoy from blogging is that it helps in building the knowledge base and developing the network of knowledge sharing. While the students write or publish for their audience or for the fellow students & teachers, it helps in starting an open communication about how they are doing and the intrinsic motivation that are behind these blogs. This thing creates a knowledge base and therefore motivates the students to write for the real audience for getting the feedback and the encouragement. Besides, blogging offers the students a complete educational experience that can help them in their learning process. For a number of students, it works as an extra motivation where they get to learn that their works will be seen & appreciated by their peer groups. Apart from that, they can also get the assistance from the global audience, with whom they can connect, communicate, discuss and share their thoughts through their blogs. Here the audience can also offer them further opinions, information, can seek answers to different questions and can suggest valuable resources.

It helps in the authority and network building: With so many websites and blogs available on the web, the students can easily differentiate themselves with the help of a good blog. Blogging offers the bloggers the scope to connect with the audience directly, allow them to know the blogger better by fostering a great relationship. In a simple term, blogs bring a great scope of networking, which is the base of every professional engagement. In the present market, the businesses and the relationship between the employers and the employees run on networking. So, with a good blog, the students get to know the people before entering into the job market as here the blog works as the virtual invitation to the professional world as the employers will also get the scope to know you through your works. Adding some additional details like the contact details in the about me section, the aims of your blog etc. will do the magic too.

Blogging offers a great scope of earning: These days, a number of school & college students have set up their blogs to advertise their services or products to their blog readers. Besides, there are quite a few students, who only blog to attract different types of Pay-Per-Click (Google Adesnse) or/and Cost-Per-Action (Amazon Affiliates) advertising programs to earn decent revenues from the advertisements or from the affiliation based adverts. These days, the trends of making money through blogs are quite popular as this method allows the bloggers to earn money while sitting back at homes. Apart from that, the students can also earn money by offering reviews of different products or services of different companies, by working as a freelance content contributor to any professional blog or company and so on. As a whole, students who have decent blogs with informative and helpful articles and some great comments & posts from the readers can direct a good traffic and boost numerous earning opportunities.

So, these are the reasons why every student should start blogging. Moreover, these blogs often help the students in creating their professional portfolio in a number of ways.

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Legitimate Options for Students to Make Profits Online

online income opportunities for students

Part Time Income Opportunities For Students

If you are a student or an individual considering doing something at your free time which can get you some extra money at the end of each month then finding a legitimate online job can be challenging. These days, part time jobs are getting popular among the students in India as these jobs offer them the scope to earn a good amount of money while continuing their studies. The opportunities of these types of jobs are also quite high. Some of the most popular and reliable part time income options include: website development and designing, search engine and social media jobs, web content writing, affiliate marketing, blogging, Youtube video marketing and so on.

  1. Web designing & development: In case you have the knowledge of any open source or web programming languages or web designing or graphic designing, then you can work as a part time web developer or web or graphic designer for your clients. This way you can earn $5 -$10 daily. Besides, there are numbers of logo design sites that you can freely join, participate in different contests and earn money. Other than these, you can start working as a freelancer by developing or designing the sites on a freelance basis. In these types of jobs it is possible to make up to $500 every month on the basis of your skills, experience, contacts and volume of projects. Later you can also consider this as your full time career option.
  2. SEO & SMO: To keep up the ranks of the websites on the search engine result pages (SERP) on Google, yahoo, Bing etc. as well as to maintain the social media profiles & branding, almost every company require SEO and SMO professionals. So, if you want to earn part time while continuing your study, then this is one of the best options you can consider to make hundreds of dollars every month. The main duties of these types of jobs include onpage optimization, offpage optimization, content writing, submitting articles, blogging, commenting, building links, posting relevant images and media campaigns on the social media profiles of the respective companies. There are a number of sources like OdeskFreelancerElance, Fiverr or different social media sites from where you can get the jobs in a regular basis.
  3. Content Writing: If you are good in writing (mainly in English language) and love to work as a freelance writer then web content writing can be a great option for you. Today every business is focusing on creating contents on their business niche to increase their sales leads and conversions. These companies mostly hire freelance writers to write for their products or services and offer really good payments in return. Any individual or student with good writing skill and creativity can join this industry and can make profits by providing their writing services to their clients. The demand of web content writing, copy writing and proof reading are increasing day by day. So it will be a wise and profitable decision for a student or individual to work in this domain with consistency and passion. Depending on the experience and expertise income may vary but generally a good content writer can easily make $100 to $200 each month by offering this service.
  4. Blogging: Creating and managing blogs is one of the hottest trends to make money online from home if you want to work on a part time basis. You can easily create free blogs on the Wordpress or on the Blogger. Or even you can go for hosted blogs by investing very nominal amount of money each year on your hosting and domain. But before you start your blog, you must have a sound knowledge on blogging and the writing techniques as the blogs are more personal and are based on the one to one communication basis. Besides, you should have some basic knowledge about Search Engine Optimization techniques to make your blog successful.Though there are quite a few ways through which you can earn from your blogs, but one of the most popular ways is the Google AdSense. With this technique, Google will place ads on your blogs and after that while the visitors of your site click on those ads, you will be paid by Google. This way you can earn around $5- $10 daily if you can make your blog popular.
  5. Affiliate Marketing: In the affiliate marketing, you have to be the partner of any website (company) and therefore you have to promote the products offered by that company through the affiliate link provided by the site. The basic job of affiliate marketing is that you have to advertise any specific service or product on your blog or website, and when the readers click the link and make the purchase, you will get a commission on that sale. To do this thing, you will need a website or a blog along with an affiliate account. Apart from that, you should have a sound knowledge of writing in the persuasive manner. Commissionjunction and Amazon are two popular affiliates that you can consider.This job has huge prospect, as the trend of the online shopping is now growing in leaps and bounds in India and across the world. There are numbers of online affiliates in the Indian eCommerce segment like Flipcart, Amazon etc. where people works as an affiliate to make big money.
  6. YouTube: This is another great option for the students, who want to make money by working part time while studying. To earn money through this platform, first you have to open an account on YouTube and then you can create videos on any niches like teaching something, providing knowledge, offering tips, reviewing products and other things that you think that your visitors will like to browse through. Then you can add your YouTube channel with Google AdSense. After that Google will place advertisements on your videos and you will earn profits on every click you get on your ads.

Some of the popular marketplace websites to find freelance jobs:

  1. Freelancer
  2. Elance
  3. iFreelance
  4. People Per Hour
  5. Odesk
  6. Fiverr
  7. 99Designs
  8. Get A Coder
  9. Guru
  10. Freelance Writing Gigs

One of the easiest methods to get these online jobs to work part time is to search on the web. The search will offer a wide array of options to select from and this will help in rolling the ball to earn a reasonable income. Most of these part time income options do not need any sort of investments but depending on the requirements or quality of work, you may use some paid tools or software to make your services more effective and profitable. Remember there is nothing called easy money or quick money. You may choose any of the above mentioned options or some other but to earn some handsome amount of money regularly; you have to really work hard, have patience and maintain the quality & consistency.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Digital Marketing Growth in India and the Job Market

digital marketing and career growth

Importance of Digital Marketing and the Career Growth

The world of marketing has experienced a huge revolution in the last few years no matter whether it is sales, advertising or promotion. But, with the advent of the latest technology, the present marketing industry is going through an immense transformation. As a result, both the business houses and the clients are modifying their interests from the conventional platforms of media marketing like print, radio or television to the digital media marketing strategies by using different platforms on the web. Even people, who were not sure about the capability of digital marketing in the last decade are now diving themselves into the ocean of digital marketing strategies.

Driven by the technological advancements like enhanced internet penetration, mobile and wireless broadband technology, nowadays, people as well as the business organizations mostly depend on the digital media for fulfilling their education, news, entertainment or business requirements. Besides, these days, the digital media can be leveraged in such a way that it helps even the small companies to create their individual brands and identities.

Presently, most of the people use the tablets and Smartphones for anything and everything. So, by using the digital marketing strategies the businesses can connect with their target clients anytime and from anywhere through the help of the mobile devices and the World Wide Web. This method is far more acceptable than the conventional medium of television marketing where the companies have to wait for the prime time to connect with their target clients. Therefore, it is completely apparent why the demand of the digital marketing strategies is increasing in leaps and bounds.

Digital marketing- on present context

According to the recent studies, by the end of July 2014, the Internet penetration limit in India will be around 243 millions, leaving behind the record of the USA. Presently, the online advertising market industry of India is the market of 2983+ crore. It is just the 10% of the total sum that are spent on advertisements. While other media like print are declining rapidly, the digital media sector has experienced a huge growth with a ratio of 31% due to their cost effectiveness, targeted approach, easy accessibility and better measurability. India has more than 100 million mobile internet users and around 72% of the total mobile internet users in rural India access internet using their mobile phones. These numbers are bound to increase exponentially in near future and can't be ignored. As a result, targeting the potential clients through different types of digital mediums has become very important than ever.

Hence, the companies are now using the digital marketing strategies as an important medium of their brand campaigning and these strategies are no more ignored. These mediums also allow the businesses to adjust their marketing mix.

According to the recent surveys, along with the importance of the digital marketing platforms, the budgets of digital marketing are also increasing noticeably. Gradually, different types of digital media campaigns are becoming essential parts of the successful marketing strategies of the companies both big and small. Since this medium is growing at a faster pace, the marketers are now facing different types of new challenges and opportunities within this platform.

The impact of digital marketing in the career growth of people:

The latest marketing trends have revealed that it has become really important for the marketers to go digital to grow potentially. But everything is not that smooth with digital marketing as often the digital marketing professionals don’t have the needed skills to conduct proper digital marketing strategies. According to the rules, to apply the digital marketing strategies perfectly, the marketing professionals must have a thorough knowledge on every aspect of digital marketing, like Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (PPC), eCommerce Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and many others. Therefore, if you have the right skills necessary to be a digital marketing professional, then the job scope is abundant for you as there is high demand and less supply.

In the previous times, the usage of the Internet was only confined to the metro cities, but due to the technical advancement and government policies, now Internet is even available in the remotest parts of India. Now more and more people getting inclined towards the strategies of digital marketing as these are more convenient to them than reading newspapers or watching ads on TV. Accordingly, the more inclined the users are towards digital marketing, the more requirements are there for the expert digital marketers. This requirement offers a better career growth to all the people, who are associated with this field.

Actually, in the recent few years, the things have changed in such a way that quite a large number of companies are now planning to eschew the brand promotions on the conventional mediums like TV or print. Moreover, the recent facts and figures have revealed that things related to digital marketing are now getting bigger only, so at this time being associated with the digital world will definitely assist you in utilizing all the scopes that this platform offers by achieving the professional satisfaction.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Why Quality Content Matters a Lot in Over All Online Marketing of a Company

why quality content matters for a company

Importance of Quality Contents

As 2014 is pushing along, the businesses are now experiencing the importance of a great content marketing strategy and therefore they have put on an intense focus on creating as well as sharing best quality contents. But while it is really easy to use the phrase best quality content, but only a few can actually define it.

There is a huge misconception among quite a number of business people that setting up some basic stand alone site is the only thing necessary for reaping the benefits of the Internet marketing strategy. As a result, these businesses easily get out of the competition very soon. So, if you really want to make your online marketing strategy powerful enough and if you want to optimize the online campaign, then you have to recognize the necessity of the quality contents.

Importance of good contents according to the search engines:

The major search engines like Google, Bing, MSN and Yahoo have increasingly become totally content driven. Besides, in the recent times Google has announced that it will only reward the good contents and will reduce the spam. So, according to the new algorithm only high quality sites with the best quality contents will get priority treatment.

What does good content can do for any site?

It is necessary to keep the websites updated in order to get a high search engine ranking. As people often say content is the king. There are actually a number of reasons, but the most vital reason is that the major search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo only award sites with enriched and fresh contents, which the readers find valuable. Besides, with the help of a good content it is possible to improve the organic search engine ranking of any site that puts the business stand apart from the competitors.

So, for every business, having valuable and current content on the website is a must. To do this, it is necessary to update the sites with high quality, fresh and relevant contents. As a result, these sites obtain the best results every time for the businesses while out-performing their competitors. So, whether you own a brick and mortar store, a boutique, a taxation firm, or a kitchen appliance store, the content of your site is one of the major things that lead to sales. So, you must consider it as a priority.

The benefits you can get from quality contents:

  1. Best quality contents will shorten the SandBox effects: All major search engines have the Sandbox phenomenon. Sandbox is basically a time, search engines take to measure a sites quality, intention and longevity. Google has clearly shown us that they are more interested in value addition and hate web spamming. So basically, in the sandbox time period search engines keep on checking the quality of the website or blog and if a new website or a blog continues to publish valuable contents regularly then after few initial months it will surely get the traffic and conversions. Generally we have seen that sandbox effect lasts for initial 3 months to 6 months and then sites or blogs will experience the traffic tractions from search engines. So it is quite natural that the consistency and quantity of quality contents can actually shorten this time period of sandbox for a site.
  2. Best quality contents will enhance the odds of getting new businesses: This is one of the major benefits that quality content can provide any site. Besides, great contents are also an amazing source for the less known or smaller companies to get the radars on the prospective buyers. This thing is mainly true in all the professional services industries where the executive consumers are mainly intrigued by the power of ideas offered by the firms and not by the size of the marketing budget of the companies.
  3. Best quality contents can stick your ranking: It is really challenging for the normal SEO articles that their rankings can slip anytime or disappear due to the tweak of the Google’s algorithm. Therefore, it is really beneficial to invest on quality contents as by making content marketing one ongoing effort; this risk can easily be avoided. This way, in case the rankings of the past articles slip, the new articles will take the place.
  4. Other benefits that quality contents can provide you: The quality contents of any site or webpage control the best positions for the main keywords and this ranking then helps the businesses grow in a number of ways. One of the best benefits is more amount of traffic. This means more and more people will visit the landing pages of your site or blog, will read it entirely and will join the email list. This way, people will start following you on your social networking profiles and the popularity of your business will spread likewise.

Underlying challenges:

  1. Identifying the potential customers and their needs: This is the biggest challenge for the small businesses, especially if they have a tight budget. Before starting content marketing you have to identify the segment of customers for your services or products that you are going to offer and market. A professional content marketing firm can do this for you otherwise you have to do some initial and periodic researches to understand who can be your prospective customers and what their actual needs are from your product or service.
  2. Ignorance of the power of quality contents: This is another major problem for companies. Most of the time small businesses do not understand that why it is very important to maintain a proper content marketing strategy for their company. And even if they understand, they look uncertain about the results as content creation is a continuous process and takes sufficient time to develop.
  3. Interested but having very limited budget: After last few updates on search engines it is now proved that quality is the main aspect for the success of ranking. So hiring a good and ethical content writer or firm is very much crucial. Regular monitoring and conversations can ensure the quality and freshness of the contents otherwise there are several online tools available in market that small businesses can use to gauge the duplicity and effectiveness of the contents. So depending on the budget, the volume of work and the quality of the writer or firm businesses have to invest money on content writing regularly.
  4. Irregularity in content publishing: Content marketing will surely work for any business if they don’t give up or interrupt the regularity of publishing contents. It takes effort, time, investments and a bit of basic knowledge on content marketing. Remember, once you are in, you should remain patient and continue to post contents related to your industry maintaining regularity. If you do so, by the time you learn the knowhow of this marketing technique, you will be out of the sandbox and will experience the growth in traffic and sales conversions.

In conclusion:

In this increasingly competitive web marketplace, having high quality and content rich site is a must for every business. Any business can easily create the right content plan with a little investment that includes valuable details for both the current and prospective consumers. Keeping this importance in mind, businesses should be developing an effective content strategy to offer the edge in the niche.